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Designing has always fascinated me be it in any material wood, glass or clay and so when I entered the world of interiors it was a home coming feeling. A field that meanders through a lot of interesting zones of creating spaces, forms, furniture, artefacts and the science of vastu-shastra and fengshui which made me feel the pulse of the space that I was creating.

About Rajavi

Being a professional photographer added to the dimension of creating a beautiful space. So here friends, you will actually find things not just limited to interior designing but also handicraft, oil on canvas, tips on vastu and fengshui, some beautiful artefacts designed just for you.

So go ahead and enjoy. Will be happy to share your thoughts and give shape to your designs too in our little workshop.



Fengshui, Vaastu Shastra and Pyra-Vaastu Solutionist

This was basically an extension to the art of interior designing which gave a new meaning to my residential or commercial project. Its a wonderful feeling to feel the pulse of the space that you occupy. The Indian Vaastu-Shastra and the Chinese Feng Shui have never been the sciences of confusion when used together but blend well so that you can take the best from both of them.

A proper trained consultant is needed to guide you. Pyra-Vaastu is a field which helps you to solve the matters which are really out of your reach and cannot be changed physically but allows you to do so virtually.

For proper assistance feel free to contact me at rajavi@rajavi.in.

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